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Intellimarker™ 2023
ASC Benchmarking Study

Discover detailed financial benchmarking information and analysis on ambulatory surgery centers (“ASCs”) across the United States.

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Comprehensive ASC Study

Benchmark Performance

Identify areas of excellence and areas of opportunities by comparing an ASC financial & operational performance against peer ASCs.

Pro Forma Development

Use data to inform key variable assumptions and conduct reasonability checks on financial and volume output projections.

Industry and Market Trends

Identify differences in ASC performances by geographic regions and specialty.


ASCs in Study


Financial Metrics


Specialty Classes


U.S. Regions

New in Intellimarker

  • +53% Increase in Sample Size
  • Metrics by Specialty Classes
  • Conveniently Downloadable Tables
  • Post-COVID Financial Data

Produced by VMG Health

VMG Health is a leading, national healthcare advisory firm providing solutions exclusively for the healthcare industry since 1995. Our services span physician alignment to coding guidance to joint venture valuations for every healthcare sector, including ambulatory surgery centers. VMG Health knows firsthand the strategic, financial, and operational challenges facing surgery centers today. As a firm nationally known for quality and responsiveness, allow our expertise to move your strategy forward.